Allow the winds of heaven to dance in between…

In a healthy and balanced interaction, all parties involved sense their connection to one another while allowing the winds of heaven to dance in between…
That’s right! It is healing for me to show my emotions. It is healthy for me to be vulnerable

Our souls are entwined. Every interaction has something worthwhile to teach. We help one another to grow by showing compassion and providing the space in which a transformation can happen.

When people cling to one another out of desperation, the energy becomes blocked by fear of the unknown. This is a form of psychic vampirism and it often leaves one party feeling tired, drained, headachy and worn out from the encounter.

Wholeness leaves us feeling complete and empowered. In it, we find a connection that brings out our strongest attributes – even challenging situations can fall into this category when we utilize conscious awareness within the interaction.

Take the time to keep yourself balanced with gratitude. Honor your process of growth through a healthy give and take with those who uplift and inspire you. Seek wholeness in the present moment and learn to live fearlessly.

Today, my intention is to remember that only that which I no longer need leaves my life. Everything that surrounds me serves a purpose.

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