Witness the reflection of love

Last night I sat in the presence of Love. All those who seek greater understanding go through the process of learning how to find the source of love within. In this manner, authentic teachers are invaluable. They demonstrate the joy of awareness through their unique way of being in the world. When you find yourself responding favorably to someone whom you admire, remember that they are merely a reflection of you and begin to seek those same attributes within yourself. You will find that for which you seek.

The Divine wishes to support and assist as you ascend to the next level of awakening. Pay attention to the opportunities (sometimes disguised as challenges) you encounter which allow you to bring your spiritual knowledge into tangible manifestation.

Whatever life offers is exactly what is needed for your soul’s growth. Begin weaving the energy of greater awareness by watching how you respond to the Now. Whatever arises, allow it. Seek stillness and embrace your unique gifts and way of being in the world. This is the moment of transformation.

Today my intention is to open my heart chakra and expand into Love.

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