Wisdom and freedom

Sometimes it can be easy to forget your connection to the Divine. Life gets busy, people bring intensity into our experience and the physical movement through time and space overwhelms the senses. Gratitude and meditation reconnect you to the source of love. In silence we can hear the heartbeat of the planet and step beyond the perception of limitation.

If you desire freedom, meditation is the key. Silence waits to be explored. In the realms of the infinite lies the wisdom of the ages, often too profound to be put into words and so we must express it through living a peaceful, conscious life.

If you are authentic, compassionate and meditative, the Divine will express itself through you. This is why we say there is no need to search outside of yourself for happiness. It rises from within and is the by-product of living aligned with grace. Holding a space of gratitude creates a magnetic effect which draws in more for which you can be grateful.

Today my intention is to remember to take time to be. All that I need is already here.

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