Living with a sense of adventure

I see life as an adventure to be lived. Sometimes we walk fearfully through the shadows, we face our dragons and push forward with a sense of trust. The light up ahead beckons us and often we are drawn by a sense of wonder into the unknown. In order to live the life of your dreams, you must begin living it now – from where you are, with what you have. The smallest steps forward can become the biggest adventures.

Truth is a personal realization – what’s true for you is a unique by-product of the journey you have chosen to walk. There are no guarantees and while we can sometimes feel lost along the way, it’s the search that helps us to grow. Be willing to take risks and stretch out of your comfort zone – there are no limits to the qualities you will discover within yourself.

Human nature is to cling to what’s familiar, even if it’s painful, restrictive or boring. And what is it that chooses the known over the unknown? The mind. Stories based upon fear cause procrastination or outright stagnation. Life is an adventure. Invite new experiences in, find new things to explore and leave the past behind.

Today my intention is to be willing to take a risk. I am willing to live life with passion and faith.

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