All transformation begins with willingness. Willingness to receive, listen, take risks, cultivate compassion, look within, forgive, heal or move. Until we reach this level of consciousness, we subconsciously thwart our own desires. If you aren’t willing to engage with life from this beautiful space, it might be worthwhile to ask yourself why.

We cling to old patterns because they are familiar. It’s easier, sometimes, to live in the stories of the ego while complaining, blaming or staying angry. If you wish to experience change, you must be willing to own your own stuff, look past the ego, find the gift and realize that it’s healthy to step out of your comfort zone.

When unaware of the reason why you may be unwilling to step into joy, simply observe where you are without judgment. In the midst of a challenge, take the time to be grateful for the lesson, even if you have no idea what it is yet. The willingness to approach life from this frequency opens the pathways of understanding.

From a spiritual standpoint, there is no good or bad – only experience and how we choose to meet it. And yet, we often categorize everything as such without realizing that there is value in every moment when we choose to look for it.

Today my intention is to be willing to see the gift in every situation. My willingness ensures that the gift will be found.

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