Manifesting change

Each of us has the capacity to create powerful transformation and momentum in our lives. All movement, interestingly enough begins with a thought – “I’d like more abundance to flow into my experience, I’d like to be healthier, I’d like to feel more fulfilled” – and yet it’s our thoughts that so often work against us.

So how can you retrain the mind to be the tool it was meant to be? By choosing to consciously realign your thoughts and intention back to the end results of happiness and live it now rather than allow them to get trapped within the whys, hows and whens. Observe your thoughts and notice how often they are supportive of your goals and dreams and how often they block your path. Observation is a wonderful tool for self-transformation. Awareness allows us to consciously make decisions that support our own health and well-being.

Spiritual awakening is a process. Periodically reassess how far you have come and compare your insights and responses to life to those you may have experienced six months, a year or five years ago. The Universe may even place an old friend in your path to demonstrate your own growth to yourself. Be kind and patient as you go through this process.

Today my intention is to release the things which no longer serve me, thus creating the space in which a transformation can occur.

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