We are surrounded by miracles

Energy never ends. It simply changes form naturally and effortlessly.

“What happens when we slow down and pay attention? Everything! Innumerable delights are right at hand.”
~Ezra Bayda~

Life is filled with gifts. Sometimes presented as simple beauty, sometimes arriving in the guise of hardship, the miracles of life awaken a sense of the Infinite within us. Take time to look at the world around you through the eyes of love. Recognize how contrasts work together to keep balance in the world. We must have darkness in order to discover the beauty of light.

Bringing a gentle awareness to the heart allows us to recognize the sacred in everyone and everything. The key to spiritual transformation is the willingness to be at ease in the physical experience of your life. Resist nothing; rather, operate with the knowledge that everything blends together perfectly as part of our collective awakening.

Today my intention is honor everyone and everything as my teacher.
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