The quieter you become…

Give yourself a moment of peace.
“Those who know do not talk.
Those who talk do not know.”

~Lao Tzu~
Be still and listen. Bring your full awareness to this moment without any mental commentary and become
One With Life. Here, in this place of stillness, you can access your own inner wisdom. This simple exercise is the beginning of mindfulness.

Observe how often the mind will attempt to intervene with its meaningless thoughts. They seem to run on an endless loop, distracting and often disrupting the grace we seek; however, underneath it all is the infinite, calming peace of the Infinite.

In our busy, multi-tasking world its important for each of us to find our unique way of staying balanced. In stillness, we discover a vast reservoir of energy that replenishes our soul. Throughout the day, give yourself time to be fully present, breathe and re-connect. This simple act of self-love will allow you to bring the best version of yourself to any situation.
Today my intention is to live in a place of silent knowing. 
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