Reclaim your magic

Road in magic dark forest

Enthusiasm and passion are awakened when we fully participate in the dance of existence.

“When you quit believing in the magic of life, you get a life without magic.”
~Bryant McGill~

You are connected to all of existence. Seek to fill your life with joy, passion and enthusiasm. This intensity will allow you to immerse yourself into the flow of life and experience the sparkling mystery that awaits.

Imagine that every word you speak is sending energy out into the Universe to do your bidding. Imagine happiness is possible right now, no matter your circumstance. Discover the liberating experience of empowerment and personal responsibility and tend to your own state of consciousness by allowing this moment to be a loving conversation with the Divine.

Today is filled with infinite possibility. Begin something new. Discard old energy and embrace whatever brings you joy.
Today my intention is to dance in the rain. 
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