Unlimited potential

Rejoice in the small, new beginnings…

That’s right! Today is my stepping stone to new awareness and greater glory  

Never doubt the powerful transformation that is put in motion through your positive thoughts and intention. It is said that an infinity of forests lies dormant within the dreams of one acorn. It’s important to remember that before any growth can occur, the energy contained within the seed must be willing to take action and become vulnerable with no guarantees of success. Within that movement lies infinite potential.

There is great value in doing new things. Expanding our outlook and perception through our experiences helps us to awaken. When you are willing to take a risk it enhances your senses – you become more aware and conscious in the present moment.

Fear is not your enemy, but is merely an indicator that you are leaving the perceived safety of conditioned tendencies. Welcome it as a teacher that provides the opportunity to move toward freedom.

Today, my intention is to remember that every moment is a new beginning filled with unlimited potential.

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