All you seek is within you

All that you seek is already within you.

That’s right! Freedom and change are in the air. I discard old ideas  

Be willing to release things which no longer serve your growth. As we let go of old limiting thoughts and beliefs, we create a space where new ideas and experiences can reside. The present moment offers an opportunity to explore various aspects of being, but often we are too distracted by the clutter we carry to recognize it.

Our self-images define the boundaries with which we have become comfortable. They limit our experiences and keep us wrapped in the familiar cocoon of “that’s how I’ve always been.”

Step into the mystery of your true, infinite nature. Everything and everyone is your teacher, and when you pay attention it becomes easier to bring a gentle awareness to the layers of your conditioning. As those layers dissolve, life moves toward the unconditioned where the vastness of love flows through.

Today, my intention is to live more openly from the heart. I am willing to say “Yes!” to everything life has to offer.

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