Turning inward

Once you develop an awareness of the ego, it becomes easier to observe its antics. Like watching ripples on a pond or a tangle of traffic, it can become almost interesting to witness as it tries various ways of pulling you into the games of the mind.

That’s what meditation can do – it offers the blessings found in stillness, detachment and clarity. We sometimes use the phrase “going within” to describe the art of meditation; however, it is more about the cessation of reaching for outward desires and seeking fulfillment elsewhere.

Contentment is possible in the present moment – indeed that’s the only place where it can ever be found! Stop where you are, close your eyes and breathe. Allow the fullness of life to be experienced when you stop running and still the mind.

Many people run from one thing to the next – physically, verbally, mentally – and it can be exhausting, not only for them but for those around them. But once the peace of stillness is discovered, we can emerge oursevles totally in the moment (whether in meditation or not) and bring complete attention and energy to whatever we choose to do.

The greatest gift that you can give is to be a frequency holder. Develop the art of stillness and bring that vitality and clarity to every interaction. Observe the antics of the mind, smile and be at peace.

Today my intention is to release the word “should” from my vocabulary. I have the ability to choose my actions consciously and bring my full attention to the infinite possibilities available in the Now.

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