Expanding into love…

     Something good is coming your way. Weave your future by recognizing the talents, lessons, synchronicities and opportunities that are available in the present moment and create the life of your dreams.

     It’s time to step up into the next level of your life’s expression so that your soul’s light can shine more brightly. See your world as a tapestry of exquisite design and recognize the unique gifts you have to share. No matter what you wish to manifest, it begins now – in this moment – choose your thoughts, words and actions wisely.

     Allow joy to be the foundation of your life. Seek it in all things. Cultivating the willingness to look for beauty ensures that it will be found. Joy acts as a magnet, whereas fear or desire repels those things for reach you reach. Can you imagine a life where peace is your baseline response to everything? You have the ability to shift your attention to things which inspire you; however, do recognize that spiritual evolution is a process and each conscious step builds greater strength and ability.

     It is our responsibility to share our gifts with the world. No matter what level you reside upon, there is always someone coming along behind who can learn from your experiences and inspiration. You are right where you need to be – embrace your unique talents and be gentle with yourself.

     Today my intention is to expand into love.
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