Accessing the flow of inspiration

Creation is a natural, spiritual power within you and is accessed not by force, by tryng, but by opening yourself to the flow of inspiration. The act of creation allows the Divine to express itself through you. Whether as intricate as writing a symphony or as delicate as finding common ground with someone you love, call upon the divine light of inspiration and accept support in whatever form it may arise.

Know that you can attract the people, opportunities, inspiration and expression that is needed to manifest the life of your dreams. Focus on the end result – happiness – and allow, surrender and particiate in the flow that begins as a result of your conscious thought and intention.

Open the heart chakra and be willing to dance in the light, love and laughter of the Universe. Sources of inspiration are all around you, find that which resonates with the song of your heart. Movement is a great way to get energy flowing – take a walk, dance, clean house, play with your dog – anything to bring a sense of purpose and joy to this moment. Then, watch it expand into the various areas of your life.

Today my intention is to move into the unknown with a sense of adventure and the trust of a child.

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