Trusting the process of awakening

The Divine plan is unfolding throughout your life, though it isn’t always predictable. Where would the fun in that be?? Even when clarity eludes you, know that you are being guided in the right direction. in the moment when our plan crumble and we find ourselves practicing and perfecting the art of surrender, know that what remains is more than enough.

Sometimes the events of our lives take us in a direction that seems the opposite of what we desire. Seeing beyond the stories of the ego will open you to the process of faith. With patience and experience we discover that the Universe had a plan that offered greater rewards and joy than we ever expected – the key is getting ourselves out of the way.

The art of acceptance teaches us to trust the processes of our awakening and enables us to walk forward with the least amount of struggle. Allow the circumstances of your life to unfold and seek the blessings that are available for you Now.

Today my intention is to seek to experience life with grace and ease knowing that I am safe and that I am loved, directed and supported each step of the way.

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