This too shall pass

This too shall pass… whether you are enjoying expansion and joyous transition or facing significant challenges, this truth remains. It’s a delight to fully celebrate moments of breakthrough while riding the waves of positive energy; however, it’s also important to understand that everything is cyclical. Beyond the perception of good and bad, there is simply experience.

Share your joy with others and participate fully in whatever the present moment requires. Too often we try to hold on to that which is fluid instead of experiencing what is. Whether we are celebrating or learning, this too shall pass.

The only constant in life is change. We live magnificently within the flow of experience – living, dying, rebirth, expansion. All contrasts and apparent opposites have their part to play and it can be exceedingly helpful to observe the patterns we encounter. Learn to flow with what is without clinging and embrace the transformation.

The quiet pauses allow us to gather our energy for the next moment of movement. Much like the tidal flow of the ocean, the power and healing lies in movement – the highs and the lows blend together to form a natural, mysterious playground of life.

Today my intention is to approach each moment with appreciation and gratitude.

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