Releasing the limitation of expectation

People who long to play it safe or attempt to control the outcomes of  live events carry a great deal of turmoil deep within. This nervousness penetrates their facade of joy because the ego knows that it cannot let up its rigid approach; however, sometimes the freedom of spontaneity and vulnerability is just what is required to break free of old patterns.

It’s amazing how difficult it is for many to learn how to go with the flow. We’re taught that struggle and hard work bring success (and granted, what you send out into the Universe through conscious actions and decisions certainly will return) but somewhere down the line, that determination clouded the ease and grace that can easily be embraced.

When we release our attachment to expected outcomes, nervousness disappears, there is nothing to fear and we are able to experience life with an open heart… learning, expanding, opening to infinite possibilities. When we plan too much, we set limitations. Seek higher expression of your heart’s delight, dear one. There are new concepts to explore, friendships to be made and healing to be experienced.

Wholeness brings the possibility of unlimited movement. No matter what direction we choose to go, joy and spiritual maturity create the foundation of our journey.

Today my intention is to honor the energy of hummingbird by drinking the nectar of life and allowing joy to guide me.

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