Transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary

Beauty can be found in the simple, most ordinary aspects of life and it can sometimes be easy to take them for granted. Gratitude creates a space of awareness and aliveness in the present moment. When you choose to be fully conscious, even the most mundane tasks begin to take on a sacred quality. There’s a reason we’ve traveled through time and space to be here – enjoy the wonderful aspects of being human.

Your unique gifts can be discovered by slowing down and keeping things simple… one step at a time. Find your freedom by becoming one with whatever life offers – whether walking in a garden or standing on a subway, there is magic to be discovered. Oneness comes from feeling fulfilled and there is no need to wait for such moments. They can become your natural way of experiencing life. That is the art of Zen – living an ordinary life in an extraordinary way.

Balance and awareness can allow you to participate in situations from a higher vantage point, one step removed from the emotion and drama, alert to the nuances of the bigger picture. Drop all judgment, all attachment to the details and be available for whatever comes your way. If you stumble, find the humor, pick yourself up and walk on. This is the art of joy.

Today my intention is to be still and silent while honoring the wisdom and joy available in this moment.

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