Your divine purpose

You have the potential to help raise the vibration of the planet. Each step forward on your spiritual walk sends waves of love and light throughout the Universe and all life celebrates with you. Whether immersed within creative projects or hobbies, manifesting your dreams, working synergistically with others or meditating in solitude, living your unique truth is an important aspect of the journey.

Know that you will draw in the resources, people and circumstances that will allow you to shine now and be willing to accept the gifts that come your way. Share the beauty of your soul, dear one, for there is (nor will there ever be) someone with your divine grace. Set your boundaries in such a way that you honor your uniqueness while assimilating the lessons of your life.

All relationships and circumstances offer us healing on some level. Seek always the highest vibration that you can and choose to surround yourself with the energy of happiness and abundance. Open your heart with confidence knowing that you are loved and supported in more ways than you can imagine.

Today my intention is to create balance within my mind, body and spirit allowing my heart to be a bridge for others.

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