Transformative energies

Every situation carries the seeds of awakening.

“I follow my inner star. I am a shining example of
love and light.”
~Louise Hay~
Together we are witnessing the power of transformative change in our personal lives, family units and collectively around the globe as well as experiencing the dynamics of intense weather and the awakening of all of our senses. The shift in vibrational frequency is often chaotic. In the Tarot, this process is depicted by the Tower card.
The Tower represents something we experience that literally shakes up our world. Its intensity provides the opportunity to truly see what has value and discard whatever no longer serves us on our evolutionary journey. When the dust settles, what remains is a firm foundation that can withstand changes and provide the means to rebuild something new and vibrant as we find ourselves stronger and wiser than before.
Many people see this card in a session and say, “Oh no…” fearing the change that lies ahead. But as conscious seekers, we begin to have a healthier reaction as we evolve and purposefully move toward the growth in our lives. Yes, transformation can be frightening, but we can choose to create a space knowing that something new is about to emerge.
During your meditative moments today consider the intensity that you witness in your own life, those for whom you care or “strangers” around the planet and hold a space of awareness. Do your best to look beyond the mechanisms of the ego to the purposeful awakening of the soul and the experience of the Divine within any situation. Does it mirror anything in your personal experiences? If so, compassion for others in the midst of their unique awakening is required. When we remember what it felt like to be lost and how great it feels to discover empowerment, we become a source of strength and guidance for those around us.
Today my intention is to reside in a space of unconditional love as a witness to the awakening that we experience together. Anything can be the catalyst for transformation.
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