Together We Rise

Hatred has never been able to dispel hatred. Only love can help us to rise above.

“Neurons that fire together wire together.
You can rewire your brain for higher consciousness
by focusing on love.”
~Deepak Chopra~

When two awakened beings come together, something miraculous occurs. The synergy of harmonious energy begins to transform perception and interpretation as they lift one another to new levels of consciousness. The friendships you attract are meant to take you to higher realms of experience and discovery.

Honor those who grace your life by being willing to learn from them. Everyone has something unique to offer, and whether you share the journey for a lifetime or only for a moment, both of you will be transformed.

Collectively, we are experiencing a paradigm shift. This call to expansion typically occurs when facing a personal catalyst. Therefore, when your soul is ready to explore the next level of consciousness, your higher self will send out an energetic transmission requesting assistance. The resulting connections, experiences and breakthroughs are the gifts that will ultimately lead us home.

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