To get the cookie, you must leave the cookie

To get the cookie… you must leave the cookie.

That’s Right! I constantly have new insights and new ways of living in the world

Many years ago our little family attended puppy kindergarten. One of the most valuable sessions was teaching our dog how to “leave it”. With two cookies, one in each hand, we allowed him to see both. Initially, he would sniff at the cookie in one hand, mad with desire, but unable to get at it. As soon as he truly left it and moved away from it, he received both cookies. This was a lesson he embraced fully. The rewards were greater and in no time, “leave it” became the easiest thing in the world.

The energy of the Universe works in the same manner. When we have a strong desire for something, whether it’s a relationship, home, car or changing a habitual pattern, our desire actually pushes it away from us. This energetic response is similar to two magnets whose polarity pushes them apart. When we move into complete acceptance, everything changes. The polarity of the energy shifts and now the object of your former desire is drawn to you.

Most people have experienced this; however, typically the acceptance only came after the ego said, “I’m done” and they no longer had any desire. At this point, the tendency is to reject the gift because you’ve already moved on. Look over old romances and perhaps you’ll discover a similar pattern in your own life.

Acceptance is an incredibly empowering tool once we learn how to live in a state of allowing rather than desire and expectation. When you heart yearns for something, state your desire and intention, take what action you can and then “leave the cookie”. Put your energy in a completely new direction (inward is good). Two cookies are waiting for you…. you may receive more than you even dreamed of.

Today my intention is to move forward with confidence and ease knowing that all is well in my future.
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