This moment is a gift

Every day I discover new ways to enjoy the journey

Procrastination is caused by the egos “What if??” stories. When you seem to be stalled, feeling incomplete or dissatisfied, look within and observe the thoughts which are halting your ability to take action. These nebulous blockages can often generate greater conflict than any physical obstacle which provides opposition in your life.

The only thing that exists is the Now – don’t allow yourself to destroy it’s potential by the worry created by the shadows of the mind. See yourself walking forward in joy and expectation and simply take one more step. Fear dissipates through conscious action – we discover new things, gain greater clarity and cultivate the discernment which allows us to see through the stories of the ego.

This moment is precious – how will you celebrate it? As Mr. Kismet and I stepped outside for our Gratitude Walk this morning, we were greeted by the stillness of a cold, clear night. Early storms had passed, a drift of snow was on the ground and the stars sparkled across the sky like diamonds on velvet. The darkness had a living texture of possibility and once again, I simply fell in love with life.

Find your inspiration and in the stillness, connect to the Universe. Seek out people and moments which resonate with this infinite connection and come home to yourself. The energy of the Divine is yours to experience in any way that you wish. In a changeable world filled with limitless nuances to discover, this connection remains constant. Once you quiet the old patterns of thought and release the stories of the past, you may just discover a simple next step to create the momentum of transformation in your life – it’s often right there in front of you.

Today my intention is to expand into the love, light and laughter of the Universe. All is well.

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