Wow Moment – The power of your thoughts

I am willing to release patterns which no longer serve me

There’s a skill that we can develop in regard to observing and shifting our thoughts so that we tap into our strengths instead of our fears. Negative thinking or expectations can often be subtle… after all, the ego has “reality” or past experience to support particular beliefs and we witness them as the play out again and again in our lives.

As we become more aware of the tone of our thoughts, we can purposefully choose those which bring comfort and empowerment and change the energy which flows from us out into the world.

For instance, on nights when sleep is elusive, do you find yourself thinking things like, Now I’m going to be tired all day tomorrow or If I don’t get at least seven hours sleep, I can’t function or Not again! Now I’m just going to lay here and worry all night… Consider the power of your thoughts and how much time and energy you spend sending them out into the world to become things.

These self-fulfilling prophecies are just another indication of how much power we have. When we create a challenging moment, it’s equally empowering to own it and shift our experience to one that is more pleasurable. So, the next time you find yourself lying awake – worrying, replaying, projecting or frustrated, recognize and observe the ego and utilize these affirmative thoughts:

  • Whatever sleep I do get tonight will be the perfect amount needed to function wonderfully tomorrow
  • I lovingly release the day knowing that tomorrow will take care of itself


  • If you have knowledge of how to do energy work (Reiki, Prana, Hands-on Healing, etc), place your hands at the heart or solar plexus chakras and flow healing into those areas of the body.
  • Do the Buddhist smile meditation – lie down, greet and smile each part of the body (inside and out) and thank it for being such a wonderful partner and teacher with whom you can walk on the Path of Transformation

You may be surprised when you discover how powerful your thoughts truly are. In every moment, we are creating our future experiences. Of course, challenges will still arise even when we have shifted our core beliefs, transformed to a new paradigm or created a healthy awareness and response to life. In those moments, we can then move directly to the lesson, karma or spiritual purpose which underlies the challenge without distraction.

Today my intention is to expect the very best from myself, from others and whatever life has to offer. Whenever we seek the gift in any situation, discovery is assured.

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