There is always something new to learn

You are stronger than you know. Every moment provides an opportunity to explore the fathoms of your divine nature and you can step into that flow of love and life whenever you are ready. No matter what you choose to do, do it mindfully. Once you understand yourself, you will understand all of humanity.

People create walls around them as a form of protection. One aspect of empowerment is the process of learning to understand and define your own boundaries, saying no when appropriate, until you discover the true boundlessness of your soul.  In that instant of awareness we begin to sense how we are interconnected and become consciously aware of the energies that flow from each thought, word and action.

Accept yourself, knowing that all will be revealed to you at the perfect time. Acceptance is the doorway to tremendous growth and empowerment. Life provides the opportunity to dance, celebrate, create and rejoice – and in that celebration, we evolve beyond limitation and step into the realm of infinite possiblity.

Today my intention is to let love be the foundation of all my relationships, from the most fleeting to the most intimate.

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