Allowing, enjoying and experiencing life

Allowing is the secret to happiness. Once we begin to let go, space is created in our lives, and in that space we discover beauty that was there all along. All too often the mind engages in a kind of warfare – holding on to old resentments or patterns that result in unhappiness and while we’re engaged with this inner dialog, life continues on around us.

Each of us has the capacity to set ourselves free from the burdens that we carry. Create enough openings in your life to participate in the mysteries of the Divine. Don’t postpone your happiness – life is here Now.

Love this moment and participate in it fully. When it’s time to work, be fully present and engaged. When it’s time to relax, leave work behind and allow yourself the time to recharge. If the moment calls upon you to lie in the sun – enjoy every aspect of it.

Today my intention is to choose to experience love wherever I go.

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