This week of moving has been wonderfully challenging. As I sit amidst the chaos of boxes and furniture waiting to be arranged, I can see that things are going to work out perfectly as they always do. Though my desire was for a transition filled with ease and grace, the challenges (primarily physical and mental) brought wonderful lessons and experiences that an easy flow can never bring. As I searched for inspiration for this mornings Wow, I pulled the “Success” card from the Osho Zen tarot deck and read this passage, “Just go on moving, enjoying whatever becomes available. If success is there, enjoy it. If failure is there, enjoy it – because failure brings a few enjoyments that no success can ever bring. Success also brings a few joys that no failure can ever bring.” …and I gave a simple thank you to the Divine for the reminder that all is well.

The gifts of grace and the gifts we receive from rising above the challenges are equally uplifting and life-changing when we allow them to be. I am grateful for every bump and bruise received along the way for they have brought me here Now – surrounded by love and supported by life.

Today my intention is to do one thing at a time, mindfully.

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