The wonder of communion

Spiritual maturity allows the freedom of unlimited movement. One is no longer controlled by external events but by an inner stillness which offers a sense of peace and connection. This moment carries a gift – consider the energetic base you are creating and realize that the joy you feel is merely another aspect of your growth. Each of us walks the Path of Transformation, and no matter where you are on your journey, the light of love is leading you onward.

Find the reflection of yourself in all the beauty that you witness… The Divine sparkles in the morning dew. It vibrates within every sound you hear and resides in the core of your being. Find the infinite within nature, art, inventions, exploration and dance. Experience the feeling of wonder itself in communion with all that surrounds you.

When we recognize that we are One, how can we harm another or the world around us? How can we harm ourselves? Life has many secrets to share when we become willing to listen. This is the opportunity to expand your perception and hear the voice of the Divine which is calling you home… and how beautiful is the discovery that home is already within you?

Give up the illusion of control by allowing spontaneity, openness and vulnerability into your experience. Pay attention to the messages of your body – stress indicates that you are forcing something, while ease and joy are your true birthright.

Today my intention is to accept myself completely and create peace and love in my heart.

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