How do you replenish your spirit?

How do you replenish your spirit? As energetic, spiritual beings, we process incredible amounts of energy and information every day. Some gets absorbed into your personal energetic field, some accumulates in the home or work space or is stored in the subconscious mind. It goes without saying that one can quickly become overwhelmed and it’s vitally important to have the tools which will realign your balance.

It’s empowering to know the things that can quickly realign you and a demonstration of love to take the time to nurture yourself. The ego, as your teacher, will often plant the idea that putting yourself first is selfish. People have a tendency to give and give until they are depleted – and all in the name of love. And yet, in that depleted state, we become impatient, frustrated, sick or drained and events typically force us to rest until we are once again ready to move forward.

The most loving thing that you can do is take time throughout the day to tend to your own energetic balance. Take frequent pauses to breathe and draw your attention to the present moment. Purposefully step away from your work or interactions and take a walk outside. Quiet the mind and move the body. Listen to music that soothes or uplifts. Visit places that realign your energy or hug a tree. Speaking with members of your soul’s support group can also bring you into balance, as can energy work, body work, meditation or taking a shower with the conscious intent of cleansing yourself on all levels – mind, body and spirit.

No matter how you choose to replenish your spirit, you’ll feel the effects immediately. Periodically take stock of yourself. The more quickly you notice the imbalance, the easier it will be to correct its effect within your energetic field. Mindfulness and awareness are powerful healers.

Today my intention is to listen to the voices of nature… to recharge, realign and draw upon the power of the mountains who serve to remind me that there is enough time for anything.


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