The space of pure potential

Underneath the busyness of the mind resides the space of pure potential

That’s Right! I am willing to see clearly

Don’t forget to breathe. Dance slowly. Open your heart to the expansiveness of life. Be still.

Life is a series of changes that allow us to discover new aspects of our strength, cultivate inner wisdom and expand our consciousness. Every situation you encounter provides an opportunity to grow; therefore, it’s important to periodically create spaces of absolute stillness and silence in order to receive the insight and energy that await you.

Many people struggle when trying to turn off the mind and go inward. Habitual thought is a distraction that plagues the human condition; however, the art of listening (without inner commentary) is a wonderful way to enter stillness.

Sit today and listen to the silence beneath the sounds around you. This is the space in which life unfolds, the space of pure potential. See if you can become one with it and enter into the love of the Divine.

Today my intention is to remember that I reside in the space of infinite possibility. I will not limit my experience with demands or expectations.

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