Motivated by love

Spiritual life isn’t about being safe, secure or comfortable.

That’s Right! I am aware that what I do not want to change is exactly what I need to change the most

There is a fundamental security that develops from many years of practice. It is far deeper and more enduring than the immediate comfort we now crave in our life situations. There are no guarantees. We have chosen to incarnate together and walk the path of transformation at this time for a specific purpose – perhaps to collectively break free from outmoded thoughts and beliefs.

Enlightenment requires the ability to view challenges as vehicles of awakening. Rather than seeing them as defects or something to resist, we can turn and face whatever is happening without getting lost in judgment about it. The higher your vibration, the more empowered your actions will be.

Allow all your decisions to be based on love rather than fear. Bring awareness to the present moment, recognizing your strengths and triggers, your joys and perceived limitations. This purposeful clarity will create a space in which a transformation can occur. Remember, you don’t need to be angry to bring about positive change.

Today my intention is to easily flow with new experiences and new opportunities.

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