The souls who grace our lives

The souls who grace our lives with their presence have one purpose – to facilitate our spiritual growth and awakening. Ultimately, what they desire most is that you find your unique way of being in the world and fulfill your soul’s mission; however, this is most often accomplished by challenging what you believe or playing devils advocate until you find the strength to stand on your own.

Bless those who challenge you for they are truly your healing angels. When you approach these situations with inner balance and a loving heart, you’ll discover that you absolutely have the ability to rise above the physical version of events in order to see the from spiritual perception. From this vantage point, the truth will make itself known to you.

Cease your resistance to what is. Fighting is a waste of your precious life force and ability; rather, compassionately stand in your truth, be love and embrace the journey with unbridled enthusiasm. This is the moment of transformation.

Today my intention is to say of prayer of gratitude for everyone who has ever played a role on my journey of awakening.

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