How to carry your happiness into the world

Anyone can be Zen while living secluded on a mountain top far away from the drama and headaches of the world. But, how do we bring that peacefulness down from the mountain and carry it with us throughout the journey of life? Spiritual awakening is not about avoidance but how we interact with others (and ourselves) within the complexities of life.

Since our world is a reflection of our inner state of consciousness, it then stands to reason that the more peaceful we are, the more that is reflected back – no matter what physical events are happening around us. The spiritual work always needs to come first. Whatever tools you prefer to use, use them consistently to keep yourself in balance. Simplify your desires, create a comfortable and peaceful home, take baby steps and make decisions with a calm mind.

Some people spend many hours meditating – it’s the best part of their day. But if interrupted they become frustrated or they experience daily challenges with greater intensity because the energy is such a contrast to the peace that was momentarily created that morning. This is an example of temporal peace which was based upon the atmosphere at the time of meditation rather than created and experienced from within.

This moment is all you have. While it does take effort to remain fully conscious in the Now, it is the greatest gift that you can give yourself. You have an opportunity to carry the energy of the Divine into the world and share it simply by being the most balanced and peaceful version of yourself that you can.

Today my intention is to constantly find new and beautiful ways of looking at the world.

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