The power of thought

Your experience of the world is a reflection of your thoughts and beliefs. 
That’s Right! I take full responsibility for every aspect of my life
Each of us experiences life through the filter of our own perceptions. As a Divine being in the process of awakening, it’s important to understand the power of your words, thoughts and beliefs. How often have you witnessed self-fulfilling prophecy in motion?
We consistently project our beliefs and expectations (sometimes in detrimental ways) and then watch them unfold not realizing that the seeds were planted earlier… the words “I can’t” or “this will never work” come to mind as being powerful, limitation inducing seeds that spring into bloom with the least provocation.
As we begin to awaken, one of the first aspects of consciousness is to purposefully shift our way of thinking and speaking. It can take time to create new momentum, but once you see the power of your words, it’s a joy to create a new reality.
Open your consciousness to all the wonderful possibilities of life. Try saying, “I can” more. Know that you are safe. Joyful thoughts will create a joyful experience of the and loving yourself creates miracles in your life.

Today my intention is to remember that every experience is an opportunity for growth

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