Living in love

Love allows me to discover the pathways to eternity
That’s Right! I am willing to love unconditionally, beginning with myself
The idea of beginning each day with a gratitude walk is two-fold: it states your intention of taking responsibility for your own joy and it raises your vibration into the level of love.
In gratitude, love begins to flow. The energy swirls around you and creates more for which you can be grateful. Waves of joy flow out into the Universe, and it’s always interesting to see how they transform your experiences.
You have the ability to show love without attachment. Each and every day provides myriad opportunities to practice this amazing gift. Just for today, consciously make every choice from a space of love, hold no cherished outcome, say “Yes” to life and step into the space of empowerment.

Today my intention is to let every interaction be one of love and acceptance

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