The power of acceptance

What adventures lie ahead? Miracles await discovery, new dimensions are waiting to be explored and unfound facets of your personality are ready to shine. When we choose to see infinite possibility in the world around us, life becomes a mystery to be lived rather than a business to be managed. If there is one change you wish to make as this new year unfolds, let it be that you become more aware of any limiting thoughts and words and make a conscious decision to make joy the top priority in your life.

Limiting behavior includes complaining… if something bothers you, change it. If it cannot be changed, change your response to it. Whatever we put our energy into grows stronger, so complaining in any form is an act of self sabotage – it robs you of joy in the present moment. Certainly things will arise that can inspire us to shift consciousness. As soon as you notice the desire to mention how something bothers you, take a moment to go into silence. Ask yourself if you have the power to change the situation. If the answer is yes, make the conscious choice to speak about the solution or new approach rather than the problem itself. If the answer is no, become aware of the ego’s desire to speak and begin the process of moving into acceptance. This process will transform your life and your experience in magnificent ways.

Today my intention is to love what is.

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