Now is the time to recognize whether or not you allow yourself the extraordinary gift of being at ease with who you are and where you are. All of existence wishes to welcome you – the moon and stars, the earth and all her creatures, the rocks and mountains and waters are our brothers and sisters. In this dance of life it’s important to take a moment to be at ease in the present moment. Take the time to savor the exquisite tastes and textures of life in your own unique way.

In my area of the world the wind is blowing tonight. Great gusts of pure energy at once seem to test and cleanse as I reside safe and warm in my sacred space. So it is with life – we have the ability to create a sacred space within us that provides shelter throughout the storms of experience. Each of us, as divine and infinite beings, has a dignity that blends with that of existence itself. We are the vehicle through which the Divine tastes the physical world and love falls upon us from all directions.

Challenge yourself to become aware of what you may be clinging to – does your strength come from within or from a perceived fortress of safety around you? Loosen your grip and discover the freedom and expansiveness that sharing can bring. This is the moment to become one with life.

Today my intention is to be open to the creativity that wishes to express itself through me. I am willing to step into union with the Divine, comfortable in the mystery of existence.

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