The Path of Transformation

“New beginnings are often disguised as painful endings.”
~Lao Tzu~

Transformation is possible only through acceptance of the necessity of opposites. When we accept life as it is without judgment we learn how to transform challenges into light, blockages into opportunity and limitation into freedom. The power of acceptance lies in our ability to embrace what is.

In rejection, life becomes a struggle. Only by contrast do we discover the balance required to create the beauty of which we are all a part. Do not resist life. Learn how to see opposites as complementary, yet equal aspects of the whole. Be a loving witness to the Yin and Yang of experience.

This is how one can transform suffering into empowerment. Practice the art of acceptance by saying “Yes” to life, even the hard parts. Ask yourself if you are enjoying what you are creating. Are you blissful? If not, consider taking some risks and discover a new path. There is no need to repeat the things you have already mastered. You are here to learn, to expand and play in the infinite realm of possibility.

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