Be Changed by Love

“Let us bless the humility of water,
Always willing to take the shape
Of whatever otherness holds it.”
~John O’Donohue~

Relationships provide the opportunity to discover who you are in the presence of another. As a multifaceted, radiant being of light, there is no end to this process of exploration. And, like the ocean, love is a mystery waiting to be revealed to those who are ready to receive her gifts.

When circumstances change, be willing to allow transformation in yourself. Clinging to old ways of being is resistance. As we evolve, our relationship to one another takes on new dimensions. It is there, meeting in the space between, that we can truly learn Oneness.

Honor those who grace your life by being the best version of yourself. With ruthless honesty and gentleness, delve inward to new places of discovery and wisdom will reveal itself to you. Ultimately, awakening prompts us to be a loving presence in the world. Make this your practice beginning where you are, with what you have.

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