The light of consciousness

You can transform the darkness by allowing the light of consciousness to work through you

That’s Right! Love flows through me. It touches everyone I meet and leads me to greater compassion
This morning I watched the moon as it crossed the sky. It lit up the night and I considered the power of gentleness and reflection. We all seem to find magic in moonlight, romance, inspiration… We feel safer walking in the darkness and perhaps this is why we seek to witness the reflection of the Divine which flows through each and every one of us in varying degrees.
Whether you are someone who presently shows only a tiny sliver of light or someone who blazes with the fullness of possibility, remember that we all carry the same potential, and cyclically, will have our moment of reflecting the light of consciousness.
It is said, “You can be the light or the mirror that reflects it.” Either is beautiful. Both have purpose, and any light (no matter how subtle) transforms the darkness.

Today my intention is to purposefully be a loving reflection of the peace and presence in others

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