The transformation of suffering into awareness

The past has no power over you
That’s Right! This is the moment of transformation 
Sometimes, in our darkest moments, all that we’ve learned from our spiritual practice seems irrelevant. In moment like these we have a tendency to judge ourselves harshly. Seeing this clearly allows the opportunity to consciously shift the energy and begin anew.Use conscious breathwork to pull the energy of pain into the heart chakra. Doing so opens us to the universal pain of humanness but it also connects us to the Divine. Honoring the pain of transformation is an act of compassion for ourselves. Platitudes, mantras and beliefs cannot move the energy as powerfully as bringing conscious awareness to the present moment.

Awareness heals. Once you shine the light of consciousness on the source of your discomfort, it begins to transform. Then you’ll have a greater ability to step back into the realm of empowerment and growth. This is the moment of transformation.

Today my intention is to honor the process of my awakening. All things work toward my highest good.

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