Follow your bliss

Find your bliss. Love what you choose to do.
That’s Right! Each step I take is guided by love
How often do we witness people living day to day in a state of unhappiness or exhaustion, doing what they feel they need to do instead of what they want to do? From the outside it’s easy to see that different choices will bring a different experience; however, we are often blinded by our own programming and expectations.
A friend shared a story recently: He was speaking to his teenage daughter, giving advice about work and purpose and sharing his belief that she should love what she does if she wants to be happy. When she innocently asked why he works in a profession that he dislikes, he realized that he had set his dreams aside. In that moment, she became the teacher. He decided to change his life, live his passion and expressed gratitude to his kind and insightful daughter for leading him back to happiness.
We all have innate knowledge of spiritual truths. It’s important to periodically observe our choices and the flow of our experiences to see if we are living them authentically.
If you’re not in a position to drop all and do what you love, choose to love what you do. Life will respond to the energy you bring to each moment – often in ways that are unexpected.

Today my intention is to remember that nothing is more important than my state of consciousness.

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