The light is within you

All transformation begins within.

“The source of luminosity is within you. It is not outside you. If you seek it outside, you seek in vain. Close your eyes and go within yourself. It is there… waiting since eternity. You are a light – a light unto yourself.”
If you seek joy and fulfillment from external circumstances, your life will be filled with highs and lows that are seemingly out of your control. When you seek to create peace from within, you touch the source of all creation and are no longer subject to outside factors. Relax into your truth and you’ll discover that you are more content and empowered.

We live in a free-will universe and each of us is responsible for our own joy. Those who are lost in unconsciousness become trapped within the mind and move toward misery. As we move into higher levels of consciousness, our choices will bring greater peace.

Today my intention is to tend to my own state of consciousness. I will bring the best version of myself to my life situation.

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