Be led by love

What you fight, you strengthen.

“Don’t worry about what happens after the death of the body; pay attention instead to the ‘deaths within life’ – the times when you are closed in anger, in fear, in protective stances, in resisting the unwanted.”
~Ezra Bayda~ 
You don’t need to be angry in order to create powerful and productive change. Discontentment can be used to initiate a spark which sets new forces in motion; however, only love will ultimately bring about the true transformation you seek.

When you choose to bring an unprotected heart to your interactions, you create the possibility of true communication. Become the observer, the listener, the wise one. The higher your state of consciousness, the more power you emit. This is why the quiet voice of an enlightened one can often catch one who is screaming in anger and righteous judgment off-guard.

Try this: each time you appreciate a beautiful day, see if you can see something different. When you interact with someone you love, honor new facets of the beautiful energy they have to offer. Make a conscious attempt to break free from repetition. Let the new enter your life, be grateful for it, strengthen it and be a loving witness to the changes you set in motion.

Today my intention is to be present in the presence of the Divine.

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