The journey of your soul

I often view spiritual transformation as a three-fold process that unfold as we rise through the levels of increasing awareness. Initially, we walk thought life seeing and experiencing only the illusion. We live fully immersed within the stories of the mind, concerned with pleasing others, attempting to be what we think we should be, sometimes struggling, sometimes succeeding and satisfied within our limited view.

When we begin to emerge into a new vibration and experience life through new filters, our priorities transform right along with us. We learn that it’s ok to say no to the demands of others, we balance our joy and our work, and often move away from the collective story we once embraced in order to discover our personal truths and strength.

But that isn’t the end, for there are always new levels to explore…

Ultimately, we face the aspects of  ourselves that we may have rejected or repressed. We find the courage to walk through the shadows of the soul, discover empowerment and emerge – radiant and innocent, nether acquiescent nor rebellious – a child of innocence born of experience living in alignment with our purpose.

This moment can be a beautiful time of growth and change if you allow it.

Be slow to anger and quick to love. Seek wholeness within and be willing to open to new ways of thinking and being as you look back over your life, seeing both the dark and the light, the highs and lows, times of connection as well as the moments you fumbled your way towards ecstasy, realize that all are part of the whole. Equally viable and powerfully integrated into the miracle of experience and awakening.

Today my intention is to remember that expansion flows in all directions allowing a unique journey for each of us… multiple roads that all lead the way home..

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