Change – from should to could

The thing that I love most about change is how authentic desire creates greater ease and grace during the process. People struggle with transformation when they aren’t truly ready to shift… and this applies to physical changes like releasing unhealthy habits or staying in toxic relationships to emotional and spiritual transformation such as releasing anger or judgment.

The ego keeps us trapped in old patterns with the usage of the world “should”… I should quit smoking, I should lose weight. I know I shouldn’t get so mad or be impatient… if you notice yourself utilizing the word should when discussing change, immediately realize how it’s trapping you in the very pattern that you wish to release. It’s subtle, but like any egoic reaction, when we’re told that we should do something, the ego rebels and wants to do the opposite. This is even more powerful when the should is originating from within.

Change the word should to could. “I could move into forgiveness if I want to, what’s blocking me?” In that manner, the search, as well as the transformation, begins inward just as it needs to in order to facilitate powerful shifts in your experience. It’s hard until you realize that it’s not hard at all.

Be ready to experience something new and amazing – when the soul is authentically open to shift, things change quickly. All the pieces seem to fall into place and it’s a delight to follow that energy wherever it may lead.

Today my intention is to remember that all change begins within. When I come from a place of pure motive, joy and desire all life flows to be with ease and grace.

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