The journey is the goal

Your unique Path of Transformation is a sacred place and the journey itself is the goal. Each step that you take is important and each moment has meaning and purpose designed specifically for your spiritual awakening.

During times of movement and change, cultivate an attitude of acceptance. This opens your energy to receive new friendships and experiences into your life. So many people focus only on the destination and do not take the time to enjoy the pilgrimage. They rush from place to place, only to create a new goal the moment one is reached and often forget to savor the delights of the journey.

The old patterns of conditioning are ready to be transformed into the stepping-stones of the past. As you emerge into the light of your true potential, your individuality will be able to shine like never before. Be dedicated to freedom. Listen more, speak less and become the wisdom which you seek.

Let your higher guidance know that you are ready to see clearly. Prepare for new information and inspiration by consistently releasing those things which no longer serve you… and then, simply pay attention. Walk your adventure with faith. Be kind to yourself, offering supportive self-talk and insight, and create a space in which something new can emerge.

Today my intention is to be the love I wish to see in the world, to slow down and enjoy this moment and the beauty it has to offer.

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