The Hive Mind

Seek to disengage from harmful, collective thought patterns.

Self-realization is the ability to discover, in yourself, the ability to be present. We currently live in an outrage culture. It seems that there is always a group ready to be offended and angry; however, one does not need to be angry in order to create positive changes. Seek to distance yourself from group thought. Most of the population are Young Souls interested in power, control and greed or Mature Souls who are driven by family, community, drama and karmic contracts. As Old Souls, we are called upon to bring a different energy to the mix.

While they are wonderful tools to keep us connected, phones and social media can also be addictive distractions. Consider changing your usage to one of conscious choice rather than using when bored or impulsively throughout the day. Observe those around you and you’ll discover that many opportunities one could use to simply be present, meditative, conscious or at peace are instead filled with games, checking social media or drowning in the 24/7 news cycle.

Anytime you begin to reach for your phone, take a moment to breathe. Pull yourself completely and consciously into the Now and ask if it’s necessary or if the desire is a habitual pattern. As you begin to regulate your usage, you’ll discover the many quiet moments that are available for exploration of your own state of inner awareness, thus accelerating your spiritual growth.

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