The human experience

Challenges push us into areas of growth we would never choose to explore on our own.

“Perhaps it’s the belief that we shouldn’t have any problems, any discomfort, any pain, that makes modern life seem so distressing. Life doesn’t match our image of how it should be, and we conclude life itself is wrong. We relate to everything from the narrow, fearful perspective of “I want” – and what we want is to feel good. When our emotional distress does not feel good, we recoil from it. The resulting discomfort generates fear, then fear creates even more distress, and distress becomes our enemy, something to be rid of. Let us instead examine our basic requirement that life should be comfortable. This one assumption causes all of us endless difficulties.”  ~Ezra Bayda~

Our human experience is one of collective awakening. This planet was created as a playground to offer myriad ways to explore the infinite facets of love, connection, compassion, empowerment, joy and healing. We live in the realm of contrasts: hate teaches us love, weakness teaches empowerment, separateness teaches Oneness, judgment teaches compassion and illness teaches us about healing. Most importantly, resistance teaches us the power of acceptance.

Drop the expectation that life is meant to be easy and it will become easier. It’s not the challenges that make our experience difficult, it’s our resistance to them. See them instead as opportunities to evolve more quickly. This doesn’t mean that you won’t have moments where everything falls into place, for you will certainly experience times of great beauty and joy. The key is to continue with your spiritual work in those quiet times, strengthening your gifts and relating to the world from a higher state of consciousness. Then, when the next challenge appears, you’ll be ready to face it with the knowledge that you are right where you need to be.

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