The healing process

The wound is the place where light enters you….
That’s Right! All situations play a role in my spiritual awakening  
Not many people enter into the process of soul-searching when things are flowing well in their lives. Challenges turn our thoughts inward and perceived problems create a desire to grow and learn.

Imbalance, whether mental, emotional, physical or spiritual, creates energetic wounds or fissures in the auric field. If left untended, additional energy flows to that area and repeating patterns begin to manifest in the physical realm.

Rather than ignoring the early signs of imbalance – a sense of unease, worry, doubt, anger or reactivity – seek to transform them into opportunities to awaken. If pain has found it’s way into your experience, seek the gift within the situation.

When things are going well, choose to continue expanding your consciousness. This process will often change the timbre of your life experiences because you will no longer need to create trauma in order to grow.

Today my intention is to remember than my level of inner peace determines my experience of the world
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